About Me

Hi there!!

I'm Lidia, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glade you're here! I live in Texas by way of NYC. I am a mother of three awesome kids, wife and business owner. I enjoy spending time with the family, traveling, eating good food, napping, wine, target and Netflix (binge watching only please). I also really enjoy connecting with my tribe on various levels. Either motherhood, business, book clubs or just straight up bitching about life. 

I love to give people cards on special occasions or just for random reasons. Savvy Mom & Co. started many years ago when I got tired of not finding the right greeting cards to meet my needs. They were either way too emotional and touchy feely or just boring. The big box store cards didn’t cut it. I needed cards with "F bombs" and few potty words that my tribe could relate to.  The cards needed to say things that I would normally say. So, why not start my own greeting card business? Minus all that fluff of course! 

These cards are designed with love to show thanks, encouragement and to celebrate special occasions. I hope you buy these cards and pass that along to your bomb ass friends, family or coworkers....even teachers are loving on these cards. 

I hope you like the cards! Stay in touch. Find me on social media and lets connect! 

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